Deacon’s and Men’s Ministry Departments


Deacon’s Ministry is to glorify God by serving and supporting the purpose and work of God in and through the Citadel of Deliverance COGIC, carrying out the ministry needs through giving full attention to praying, teaching, preaching, and equipping and giving oversight to leadership and shepherding matters of the body.

The Men’s Ministry has a mission to reach out to all men, to equip them with a sense of responsibility and Godliness, to instruct men to seek God first, to teach them their role in the home and the church, and that holiness is right and to pray without ceasing.


Church Properties – gives attention to study and evaluate the entire church property for any needed repairs and property improvements to the structure, landscaping, land grading, and paving.

Custodial Management – sees to the cleaning, sanitizing, and trash removal at our facility and makes sure the church is presentable at all times.

Fiscal Affairs – regulates churches finances, handles and plans budget, works with business manager, and any other form of church revenue.

Church Assets and Inventory – keeps up with inventory of church possessions (furniture, appliances, AV Equipment, etc.) assesses their value and makes sure they are properly insured.

Parking Lot Attendants – responsible for the parking lot duties and manages parking assignments and directs cars safely to spaces, being ready to assist all visitors and members, needs of the handicap with the highest form of courtesy; Assists visitors and members on rainy days by umbrella to and from vehicles with the most earnest heed to their needs and requests.

Interior Maintenance – handles and sees to the up-keeping of the interior of the church (light bulb replacement, inspecting of wear and tear furniture, walls, floors, an interior structural repairs).

Men’s Ministry – instruct men about their roles in the church, home, and other aspects of life.


Deacon Darrell Warren

Minister Linwood Dillard, Sr.


Chairman-Deacon Darrell Warren

Advisor-Minister Linwood Dillard, Sr.

Assistant Chairman-Deacon Lonnie Johnson

Secretary-Deacon Demetrius Henry

Assistant Secretary-Brother Joshua Bowles

Treasurer-Deacon Lonnie Johnson

Building & Grounds Coordinator-Brother Desmond Mills

Project Manager-Brother Joshua Bowles



Deacon Linwood Dillard, Sr. and Deacon Darrel Warren


Phone Number: 1-888-958-4704