Citadel’s Men’s Weekend 2015 was Phenomenal!

Pastor Linwood Dillard and the Men Of Citadel (Citadel of Deliverance) hosted its annual Men’s Weekend on November 21-22, 2015. This year’s goal was to focus on building and inspiring males of all ages from the inside out with a resonating and affirming theme, “Think Like a Man.”

On November 21st, boys and men came together for a fellowship dinner where they could share in open dialogue, ask questions and get answers from spiritual and community leaders.  They were able to freely ask for advice and receive good counsel on dealing with pressures that affect men and boys. dYgaofJ59lokBvQDUUwylYrW74h2EHF53OnFjwg9CWIThe boys were able to voice their struggle with bullying, and ask questions about school and home life. Men received information on how to lead a family, deal with job stressors, and grow and develop their faith. The young men left with mentors and the older men left with OfCH3jdNAsMvaHQeYsl7Q2ie3ODgBdXJzejCMEpnjfo.jpega stronger brotherhood as they committed themselves to stand and support each other. 

Sunday, three services were held, 8 AM, 11 AM and 3PM. The Citadel Men Chorus was awesome and ushered in the Holy Spirit at all three services. Elder Samuel Fenton preached “Wrestling with the Blessing” at 8 am reminding us that we must hold on to God and fight for what He has in promised us. The Shepherd of the house, Pastor Linwood Dillard Jr., brought the 11 am message, “Think Like a Man,” centered on scripture 1 Corinthians 13:11, reinforcing the roles men must live out in their families, the community and the church that would cause radical change. The dynamic preacher of preachers, Dr. Frank E. Ray of New Salem Baptist Church, was the Special Guest at the Official Men’s Day worship service at 3 PM, SsBa9oaWiuwohWIQExFAKzgLiplqqp0_EysJsWoaoQApreaching this weekend’s theme challenging us to change the way we think and to feed the positive if we want the positive to be in control. Gospel recording artist and song writer, Alexis Spight, stopped by to share in worship and praise.

Men and women came to the altar seeking God to give their lives to Christ and to change their lives by changing the way they think!